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Irina Melkumyan

Irina Melkumyan is a Relationship Manager with City National Bank’s Personal & Business
Banking team, based in the Hollywood Office. Ms. Melkumyan works directly with clients to
proactively manage and develop their business and personal banking relationships. As a Relationship
Manager based in Hollywood Ms. Melkumyan works very closely with the entertainment industry.
As a Relationship Manager, Ms. Melkumyan uses her banking experience, expertise and
knowledge to deepen her relationships while providing tailored financial advice. She maintains a
high level of trust and acts as a consultant to her clients, always providing solutions and options to
help clients meet their financial goals. Prior to joining City National, Ms. Melkumyan worked at
OneWest Bank and Citi bank.

Ms. Melkumyan is fluent in both Armenian and Russian. She is actively involved in the
community. She has been working with St. Baldrick’s Foundation since 2014, using her voice and
skills to help raise money and awareness for children with cancer. She is passionate about helping
nonprofit organizations and serves on the board for a local nonprofit, Troublemaker Foundation. As
the chief of Young Women’s Commission, Ms. Melkumyan also uses her time and energy to
educate, mentor and inspire young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and dreams authentically.

During the weekends, you can find Ms. Melkumyan leading Breathwork workshops, using a
powerful breathing technique that allows people to release anxiety and connect with their authentic
truth. As a breathwork facilitator Ms. Melkumyan has made it her missions to help people feel
empowered, noticed and values by educating them on powerful tools that they can use daily to better
their lives.

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