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Advisory Board for SoCal Women's Conference

2021 Conference Year!

Lena L. Kennedy, Founder
Mrs. Sam Yarbrough
Jihee Huh
Janet Braun
T. Denise Morey
Serge Nelson 
Jonathan Kennedy
Chris Morey
Cynthia Roye

Kari-Samoya Jones


Conference Chairs
Hon. Kathryn Barger, Conference Chair
Lisa Stevens, Conference Chair
Irina Melkumyan, 2020 Director, YWC
Chuck Pulliam, Director, MAN CAVE
Alma Stokes, Decoration Committee
Andre Ellis, Conference Designer - Creative Artist 
Elizabeth Ellis, Fashion Show
Elisia Farmer, Community Engagement Specialist
Gerry Suddeth and Camille Dudley, Booths / Vendors
Gwen McMullins, Moderators
Haidee Lagunday, Training
Jerry Robin, Magazine, Flyers and Magazine
Juanita West-Tillman and Lynette West-Cater, Green Room
Katie Brandon, Swag Bag
Noreen Sullivan, Speakers / Speakers Series
Serge Nelson and Beverly Nelson, Volunteers
Susan Turner, Public Relations
Valerie Mendoza, Social Media
Man Cave Executive Team:
Chuck Pulliam, 2021 Director
Ron Carter, Chair
Pastor Anthony McFarland
Andrew Oliver
Committee Members
Boualem Bousseloub
Chris Walker
Chris Morey
Delano Yarbrough
Jahmal Ellis
Jonathan Kennedy
Paul Price
Rev. Jerred McDaniel
Robert Grant
Roger Tinsley
William Syms
Young Women Commission (YWC)
Irina Melkumyan, 2021 Director
Bonita Bennett, 2021 Chair
Andrea Edoria
Caitlin Gallogly
Jana West
Kari-Samoya Kennedy
Mya Taylor
Sandra Choi
Shantell Kennedy

Serge Nelson

Shanica Davis Robinson
Susana Porras
Tina Rios
Chief Operating Officer
T. Denise Morey
Lena L. Kennedy, Founder, CEO
Mrs. Sam Yarbrough, Ex-Officio for all Committees
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