Conference Chairs
Hon. Kathryn Barger, Conference Chair
Lisa Stevens, Conference Chair
Lena L. Kennedy, 
Mrs. Sam Yarbrough, Ex-Officio for all Committees
Chief Operating Officer
T. Denise Morey
Beverly Morgan-Sandoz, Workshop Presenters
Irina Melkumyan
Clark Rucker
Janet Braun
Alma Stokes, Decoration Committee
Andrew Delgado, Social Media
Andre Ellis, Conference Designer -Creative Artist 
Annette Spence and Elisia Farmer, Outreach
Danese Bardot, Swag Bag
DeBorrah Carter, Public Relations
Elizabeth Ellis, Fashion Show
Gerry Suddeth, Booths / Vendors
Gwen McMullins, Workshops Moderators
Haidee Lagunday, Training
Jerry Robin, Magazine, Flyers and PR Materials
Juanita West-Tillman and Lynette West-Cater, Green Room
Noreen Sullivan, Keynote Speakers / Speakers Series
Serge Nelson and Beverly Nelson, Volunteers
Man Cave Executive Team:
Clark Rucker, 2020 Director
Pastor Anthony McFarland/Andrew Oliver/Harlan Ward
Young Women Commission (YWC)
Irina Melkumyan, 2020 Director
Jana West, Serge Nelson, Christine Martin