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Tina Rios Rowe

She is described by her husband as “a loving wife, mother and enjoys helping others.” Tina grew up in East Los Angeles and adopted the Chicano culture as her own. It wasn’t until her adulthood that her grandmother revealed to her that she was Apache. And that her great grandfather, Kee, had lived in a teepee on a reservation as a child that she understood why she felt so disconnected from her peers. 

She immediately began studying and sharing the Native American medicine, history and spirituality.

She has a deep connection with nature which has led to some unusual encounters with wildlife.

She will tell you that she fights injustice and white supremacy because her ancestors could not. 

She is a member of many community organizations and committees. But the most important ones to her are those that are working on “Re-imagining Safety for Children.”

She is a member of LA’s Community Coalition and has worked on a Demand Letter for DCFS & Judicial Reform with a group of fiercely dedicated and relentless mothers. She enjoys sharing her perspective as an Indigenous North American Woman.

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