Hello Lena,


I had the best time last Friday!! Thank you so much for all you do to make that happen!!


For years I used to attend Maria Shriver’s women’s conference in Long Beach. It was a lovely event but I also remember that I paid quite a bit for my ticket. Your event is even more wonderful and the fact it is free is simply amazing!


Also, anytime your little sister wants to show the Field Reps how to move like that I am sure we would appreciate the help!


Thank you again!!!

God Bless You!
Noreen Sullivan

Lena, what can I say but I'm sorry that I'm JUST responding to tell you how FABULOUS, this years SCWHC was!!! I think this was the ABSOLUTE BEST!! the Man Cave, the Fashion Show AND having The Honorable,Maxine Waters for the main speaker were the EPITOMY of Excellence!! 

I know that "many hands make light work" but YOU are the Visionary and the Bible says "Without a Vision the People Perish". You are very simply, FAITHFUL, FIERCE AND FOCUSED....and I'm glad to call you my DAUGHTER.

I can't wait for next year!!

Love You,
"The Real Dr. Phyllis Beech"

It was so nice to see you again this year at the Womens Conference. I love and adore you. You are such a bright shiny light to the world...thank you for making my presentation run so smoothly...and for taking care of me at lunch!

You are the best.
Kerri Zane

Hi Lena!


I attended the health conference last week and it was fabulous! I have attended for the past 8 years, but this year was especially magical! I had a baby in March and I am still nursing, which means I am still pumping lol. I was walking around the conference looking dazed and confused because I needed to pump and had nowhere private to go. Your volunteer coordinator saw me and said that I looked like I needed assistance. I explained my situation, she quickly grabbed a volunteer who took me to a empty conference room. The volunteer stood outside of the door while I pumped. I was so grateful and tickled! I thought, only at a women's health event would this be possible! Your staff is amazing! I'm looking forward to next year!


Take Care,


Tamika Farr