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Shanica Marie Davis

Ms. Shanica Davis is a devoted wife, mother, and daughter. She is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and a Transformational Nurse Coach. Ms. Davis has worked as a healthcare provider for over 20 years and has dedicated her life to serving the most vulnerable populations. Currently she works with children and families in Los Angeles County Health Service, Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) at Olive View Medical Center (OVMC) providing care to high-risk vulnerable populations as a Primary Care and Forensic Healthcare Provider. Ms. Davis also is a certified Lactation Educator and provides care to breastfeeding mothers, which is another area she passionate about. Prior to working in the division of Health Services for Los Angeles County, Ms. Davis worked in the Department of Public Health for Los Angeles County in the division of Maternal and Child Adolescent providing evidence based care as a Public Health Nurse and later managing Public Health Nurses servicing high-risk, first time pregnant women. It is here where her love for servicing children, families, empowering women, and collaborating with community stakeholders began.

Ms. Davis has a drive and passion to empower individuals to live in authenticity, full of purpose and passion. She is a strong believer in Sisterhood and Empowering women to stand in their truth. She is a giver and leader in her community and has worked with various community organizations to create positive change and outcomes for a better tomorrow.


Ms. Davis is known for her distinguished laugh and smile that brightens every room she enters. She is honored to serve as a member of the Young Women’s Commission.

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