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Where To Buy Mohair

Meet Denys Hobson, the founder of Cape Mohair/The Mohair Mill Shop and entrepreneur extraordinaire. Through sheer hard work and dedication over the past 25 years, Denys has built up a proudly South African business that now employs 135 movers and shakers. He knows every staff member by name. His passion for both the angora goats and the mohair fibre has helped place South Africa on the map as one of the top quality mohair producers in the world.

where to buy mohair

This fabric will still be quite crisp and coarse but is the first step into most mohair fabrics. These blends are typically quite heavy, so if you have a penchant for heavier cloth, this is a great way to go.

A mohair suit is an excellent option for those of us who travel frequently. It can also work well for professionals who need to make an impression of success and wealth on their clients. Criminal defence attorneys and high-end financial advisors tend to fall into this bucket.

A tuxedo is arguably the best place for mohair. In a setting where a little twinkle goes a long way, having a soupçon of sheen in your black-tie attire will set you apart from the barathea wool-ed pack. In a midnight blue, a mohair tuxedo is an absolute smash. That you can dance all night in it and not look terribly wrinkled is an added bonus!

Meanwhile, Black Lapel has a better selection of high-quality fabrics. While its part of their luxury Savoy range, the prices are still very reasonable. Most of their mohair suits begin at around $800, but you can enjoy a $25 discount with our code FTOBESPOKEUNIT.

At Cushendale we produce only the highest quality Mohair yarn. Sourced in Italy, all of our mohair yarns are traditionally hank dyed at our mill, a delicate and signature process which enhances the yarn fibres for a softer finish in a bespoke colour palette giving a luxurious handle.

Cultivated from the long, silky hair of Angora goats, mohair is similar to wool but has a fine texture with a smoother surface and a natural luster. Commonly found in blended yarns, mohair provides durability, elasticity, and a fuzzy texture that adds a soft halo to any project. It is suitable for delicate lacework patterns or for giving thicker-weight projects a luxurious tactile quality that is light yet cozy. Our picks below will help you find the best mohair yarn for your project.

Ideal for loose and lacy knit and crocheted garments and accessories, this super-fine-weight yarn is perfect for lightweight projects that will feel lovely against your skin. A blend of 76 percent super kid mohair and 24 percent silk, this yarn has a soft brushed texture that adds a delicate halo effect. Available in 25 gram/219 yard skeins, this yarn can be used on its own or in combination with other fibers for heavier-weight projects.

A supersoft and squishy bulky-weight yarn in an assortment of natural and vibrant colors. Made from a blend of 47 percent super kid mohair and 53 percent extra-fine merino wool, this yarn comes in a 50-gram/65-yard skein. With a rustic, uneven texture that is suitable for both knitting and crochet, this yarn will knit up fast for quick projects with a super-cuddly look and feel.

This yarn is similar to our top pick, but it comes in darker, slightly muted colors. A lovely combination of 75 percent super kid mohair and 25 percent mulberry silk fibers creates this soft and airy option. Versatile for knitting or crochet, this superfine lace-weight yarn can be used for delicate openwork patterns, doubled or tripled up to create fuzzy garments, or used in combination with other fibers to give loft and body. Available in a range of colors, this yarn comes in a 25-gram/230-yard skein.

This beautifully dyed yarn comes in vibrant, self-striping color combinations. A 45 percent mohair, 45 percent silk, and 10 percent lambswool blend, it comes in 50-gram/110-yard skeins. This luxurious yarn, in a highly versatile worsted weight, is suitable for many knitting and crochet projects, providing warmth with a lovely luster and drape perfect for garments and accessories.

Here you will find our exciting selection of mohair yarn. As with all other ranges we have, we can also offer a wide selection of mohair for all kinds of purposes, so you can be sure to find exactly what you need for your next project. Our mohair yarn consists of a combination of the finest silk and super kid mohair, equivalent to 25% silk and 75% super kid mohair. It is, therefore, a very luxurious yarn type.

There is no doubt that the use of mohair yarn is incredibly popular at the moment, which is also quite understandable because it is one of the prettiest and softest types of yarn you can work with. On this page, you will find DROPS Kid silk yarn that is incredibly light and also comes in a lot of incredibly beautiful colours. With this type of yarn, you're guaranteed to get a soft, high-quality product that fits perfectly for things like shawls or tops. You will also be able to easily use DROPS Kid silk yarn and other items from DROPS.

Our selection of lovely and soft yarn balls of mohair also includes DROPS Verdi, where you can choose from many beautiful colours and decorative multi-coloured jumbo skeins. This way you can feel completely confident that you have enough yarn for your knitting project. There's something for everyone on this page, which is why it's really just a matter of getting started with something absolutely amazing based on our many high-quality products. You can also always contact us if you need any help with your project.

Be inspired by our exciting selection of lovely mohair yarn in different sizes and colours. When you shop with us, you also get fast shipping to any address you want because we want to make it as easy as possible for you. At LindeHobby you always get a wide range of high-quality products at great prices, while also getting great customer service.

40% Fine Western Wool Targhee (a cross between Rambouillet and Columbia sourced from herds along the Front Range of the Rockies)30% Medium Wool (Cheviot, Friesian, Romney, Corriedale, Montadale, Dorset/Tunis and Rambouillet sourced from herds in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts)30% Fine Mohair (yearling mohair sourced from flocks in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Vermont)

From the Hill Country to the West Texas desert, our mohair is sourced from passionate ranchers who have as much pride in their land and treatment of their animals as they do about being Texan. Each ranch employs exceptional environmental standards for the land that their goats call home.

The integrity with which our partners raise their goats, and expertly harvest the hair belies their heartfelt dedication to quality of care, welfare of the animals, and ethical production process. The goats roam the hills and desert ranches, free to explore the land where stories of the early American West are buried beneath the native grasses.

Malabrigo Mohair is a luxurious blend of 72% mohair and 28% silk, offering over 200 yards of lace-weight elegance in each skein. This yarn is the perfect choice for adding a beautiful halo to your knits or crochet projects, or creating drapey accessories that exude sophistication and style.

Malabrigo Mohair is a luxurious blend of mohair and silk that brings a soft and glowing touch to any project. This lace weight yarn boasts over 200 yards of elegantly hand-dyed colorways, making it the perfect choice for creating light, airy wraps, cowls, and scarves. The unique blend of fibers adds a silky halo and depth of color, elevating your finished projects to the next level of loveliness.

Mohair is a perfect way to make a statement in your home. It is equal parts timeless and unique, textured but soft, classic yet daring. When you're looking to upholster a statement piece for any room in your home, take a look at our selection of mohair fabric by the yard.

So just what is mohair? It's one of the finest wools in the world. Taken from the fleece of the Angora goat, it's not your average wool. Angora goats don't have the same short, hair-like coat as your average goat, nor do they have the heavy, fluffy fleece of a sheep. Mohair is a completely unique wool and is noted for the following qualities:

When many people think of mohair, their minds immediately go to sweaters, scarves and other clothing items that you might typically see made of mohair or other wools. However, you can do so much more with mohair than wear it! It's a great choice for upholstery too.

Of course, you don't have to limit mohair to smaller items. Here at Swanky Fabrics, we sell mohair fabric by the yard, allowing you to upholster larger pieces of furniture, like accent chairs, benches and even sofas. Because mohair is a unique combination of bold and timeless, a large piece of mohair furniture makes a perfect anchor piece to build a room around.

As with any upholstery fabric, regular care and maintenance will keep it looking fresh and beautiful for longer. Like many high-pile fabrics, mohair may collect dust. This can be prevented simply by vacuuming regularly with an appropriate upholstery attachment. A hard clothes brush may also be used regularly to remove dust and keep the fabric looking smooth.

Mild, damp stains may be absorbed with a cloth moistened with lukewarm water. For serious stains on mohair, it's always best to consult an upholstery cleaning professional for appropriate cleaning products.

If you're ready to make a bold but elegant statement in your home, check out our selection of mohair here at Swanky Fabrics. We sell mohair fabric by the yard in a variety of colors, ensuring you'll find one to fall in love with.

Loop stocks a lot of different mohair yarns that include hand-dyed yarns from artisan dyers and blended with silks as well as high-quality mohair and silk blends from Isager, Ito, Habu, Biches et Buches, and Gepard.From the Angora Goat, mohair is both durable and resilient and notable for its high luster and sheen. Blended with silk fibres, it can be incredible. 041b061a72


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