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Download Super Fancy Pants Adventure for PC and Experience the Fun

Super fancy Pants Adventure lo reúne todo para pasar un rato de lo más divertido frente a la pantalla. El objetivo es rescatar a la hermana pequeña de Fancy Pants, la cual se halla retenida por unos malvados piratas. Corre a través de frondosos bosques, barcos piratas y cuevas subacuáticas en busca de la chica raptada. En esta aventura épica podrás contar con más de cuarenta armas e infinidad de movimientos. Te encontrarás con todo tipo de enemigos: ninjas, piratas, un enorme pingüino y muchos otros más. Además, tendrás que superar multitud de niveles con zonas secretas, así como afrontar numerosos desafíos y carreras.

Fancy Pants Adventure is the original title of this awesome 2D platform series. It's one of the many Flash games you can now play in your web browser without the need for Flash. In this game you take control of Fancy Pants - a cool stickman character who wears awesome and colorful pants! You must help our fancy hero work his way through a myriad of cool levels and avoid various obstacles, monsters and creatures on his way!

download super fancy pants adventure pc

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Fancy Pants can run and jump and you must control his movement using the keyboard arrow keys and jump using the S key. The different levels flow fantastically together and the gameplay is fun and reminiscent of retro platform titles such as sonic. Be sure to collect the squiggles as you progress and look out for spring boards and secret doors. Also look out for doors that take you to cool bonus levels. Can you complete every level and complete your first fancy adventure?


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