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Little Sister 02.7z

Wow! Thank you so much. I just downloaded both versions of the neighborhood and have a couple of copies stored on computer and stored a copy of each version on my external drive in case computer finally gives out. That would be great if you would send the cc for the neighborhood to see the full effect. I think a little more cc would not hurt it worse than it already is, because my Downloads folder is way out of control already at 7.2 GB with 39,996 files, but it could probably handle a little more. I actually have been spring cleaning for the past 2 weeks going through the Downloads folder with Clean Installer and moving a lot of cc to external drive and got it down to 6.3 GB and run it back up there. A few months before that, it had got up to almost 10 GB and my hard disk was almost out of space, so I really had to do some moving files. I really need to stop browsing and looking at all the houses and cc, because I keep downloading and then go all into the game configuration files and Windows files trying to improve the game on a 12-year-old laptop. lol Thank you so much and I am on my way to load the game and explore the neighborhood and while my game loads for 30 minutes, I can get dinner cooked. lol Thank you.

Little sister 02.7z


Wow! You sure do have a large talented family! It is amazing how young children like automatically know how to handle game controllers, all the letter buttons and combination of buttons to push to make the character on the game do something. I have 2 young men. One is 30 and the other son died 3 years ago and would be 24. He was in to guns and was trained and knew the safety of using it and a friend came over and he was showing him his knew AK-47, which I did not know at all that he had purchased a weapon like that, and he thought the gun was empty and forgot about the one in the chamber and his friend hit the trigger and it went off and shot my son in the abdomen. He had numerous surgeries and paralyzed for a while but might could have walked, but his foot was bent like a taco. Following one of the surgeries, gallbladder, it became infected and killed him 2020. Worst part was him being in the hospital and Covid had the hospitals on lockdown when he died. My husband, died 3 years before in 2017, and he would be 73, actually the same age as you with his birthday in December of 1949. My other son plays a lot of Playstation games and chess sometimes, but his main thing he does is talk everything sports, mainly basketball. He collects a lot of trading cards and sells some on E-Bay. We are a rather small family now, mother died in 2017 and father is still alive but, they divorced in 1985 when I was 15 and with us kids choosing to live with our mother, because you had to choose one, he divorced us too and has had nothing to do with us 4 since. I have a twin brother named Michael and a sister one year younger and a brother 2 years older. The oldest, along with my father, are artists and draw. My twin was a bricklayer and my sister is a medical transcriptionist, which I was also until I became disabled. My 2 brothers have no kids. My twin lost his wife last month and they had no kids. My sister has 2 sons as well, but they live with their father, so my sister and I live together, so basically just us 3 siblings and my son and 2 nephews. I took computer repair and networking and wanted to do CAD but at the time could not afford the program. That is what I like about Sims 2 is the architectural side of the game with it built in and love to decorate houses and landscape them. When not doing that, I crochet and cross stitch or play chess or backgammon. I love wood working too, but do not have the equipment to do it. I was in shop in junior high, the only girl lol, because they got the names mixed up and spelled my brothers name wrong, so they had Michele instead of Michael, so I took it and the next class took home economics and my brother chose basketball. lol They asked if I wanted to change to something else, but I chose to stay because it was fun making a foot stool and took a lawnmower engine apart and put together and made it run. Whoa! Sorry for going on so long! I have one question about Twisted Valley. I got my game and neighborhood to load and in the build/buy mode, I see a lot of the cc, but like all the signs and prison cc, boats, etc., none of them show up on the neighborhood and were there any lots, residential or community lots that come with the neighborhood or just the characters in the family bin? I had to modify the neighborhood terrain to install a beach lot residential lot which was made into a yacht for the elder man with the captains hat on, so that was fun with the modifyNeighborhoodTerrain with the [ ] \ up or down and smooth to get it to fit. Then after it loaded and had to paint half of the yacht, guess the wall cc did not get downloaded, and before I could save and exit, the game crashed. Anyway, I am going to try and go finishing painting that boat and move that captain in and then install another beachlot of a wooden-looking pirate ship for the pirate character and find homes for the other residents. I made a copy neighborhood folder with the Bulk Rename program and went into SimPe and changed the neighborhood type to suburb so I can use it as a subhood to another neighborhood. One more thing I just thought about. I was wondering if you remember a Sims 2 neighborhood named Morewood. I come across a post at The Sims Resource site back when they first uploaded that neighborhood around 2009. I did not start playing Sims until 2014, so I missed all of these neighborhoods and most of the links on different websites are dead and the download link for Morewood is dead on about 3 different links. You would not happen to have a copy of that neighborhood do you? I read the about the neighborhood and characters and sounds like a pretty good neighborhood too. Thank you again for Twisted Valley, going to try my luck again without the game crashing, but I definitely need to shave off about half of my downloads folder, but this old laptop is struggling. lol 041b061a72


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