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Where To Buy Water Bottles VERIFIED

Whether you are lounging at home, at the gym or on-the-go, staying hydrated is super important. At Target, find a wide range of water bottles for all your needs. Look through a variety of plastic water bottles, glass water bottles, kids water bottles, filter water bottles and straw water bottles. Explore a collection of stainless steel water bottles and come with lids to keep your drinks safe from contamination. Keeping hydrated has never been so fun with these water bottles. They comes with features like dishwasher-safe, insulated, leak-proof, vacuum-sealed, wide-mouth lid and more. Look through water bottles that can be use for hot and cold beverages. They come in lovely colors and designs. The also feature a built-in carry loop to make it super easy to stay hydrated on-the-go. Browse through a large collection of water bottles and find the perfect one for you.

where to buy water bottles

For shoppers, bottled water is also a thousand times more expensive than tap water. Add in the fact that in 2014 nearly 64% of all bottled water sold in the US was nothing more than pricey, prepackaged tap water (PDF), and it becomes difficult to deny the value of a well-made reusable water bottle.

The Purifyou is made of borosilicate glass, and that makes it special. Borosilicate glass resists thermal shock. This means if you take the bottle out of a hot dishwasher and fill it with cold or room-temperature water, it will resist shattering better than bottles made of common soda-lime glass.

We like bottles with the right proportions, and we have to believe designers have noticed the awkwardness of the 24-ounce size. For instance, in 2020 the Takeya Actives became available in a 22-ounce size (slightly smaller than the 24-ounce version, which had been our previous pick). Similarly, 32-ounce bottles are most useful when they are wide and squat instead of tall. When we make recommendations for larger capacities, such design concerns are a big part of what we take into consideration.

Other bottles performed poorly in our insulation tests, including the 25-ounce Fifty/Fifty Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel, the Laken Thermo Classic (its contents rose by 20.1 degrees during our test), and the Contigo Autoseal Chill.

Our 2017 travel pick, the Platypus Meta, tends to develop a small hole in its bottom, which renders it useless for carrying water. Our 2016 pick, the Platypus SoftBottle, is watertight but floppy, as all collapsible bag-bottles are.

The Pogo plastic water bottle is basic and functional. We like the lid (again, just as with the Takeya) and the flip top that closes over the spout. We encountered no leaks, but at the time we tested this bottle, it had a bad Fakespot rating (a D). As of March 2023, the rating is a B, so we plan to look at it again.

Yeti is a versatile water bottle brand that offers a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. This 26-ounce Rambler is a great everyday option that's comfortable to hold, doesn't sweat and is easy to drink out of, thanks to the perfectly sized cap. Like all of Yeti's Ramblers, this water bottle's lid unscrews smoothly and has an oversized handle that makes it easy to hold. We especially love that the lids are all interchangeable amongst the various Rambler bottles that range in size from 12 ounces to 64 ounces.

If you prefer a lightweight, plastic water bottle over stainless steel, Yeti just came out with its plastic Yonder line, which comes in five colors, two sizes and is compatible with the chug cap as well. We've been conducting dishwasher testing, and these bottles are holding up well like the Rambler.

Nalgene water bottles are popular for a reason. With more than 5,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, a price tag under $20 and a leak-proof seal, this water bottle is a popular pick with both consumers and GH Institute experts. This 32-ounce wide-mouth bottle is easy to drink from and take along anywhere: It's lightweight with a plastic loop that easily hooks onto any bag. Plus, its screw top makes for a tight seal so you can toss it in without fear of leaking.

This 20-ounce stainless steel water bottle is a favorite among many GH staffers. We love that it has the ease of a drinking spout and a lid that covers and protects it. The lid screws on and locks so it's great for tossing in a bag without the worry of accidental leaks. When it's time to drink, the pop-top opens with the click of a button.

Its sleek design and variety of colors are a plus, but the real wow is how well it keeps drinks at temperature. It excels at keeping both hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold; plus, it has a small drink spout, which makes it more ideal for hot beverages that you don't want to chug, though it does make water flow a little slower than other bottles on this list.

Hydro Flask's 21-ounce Trail Series is slim, noticeably lightweight and held drinks at their temperature for hours in our road test. This bottle is not only our top pick for a stainless steel water bottle, but it's also a great choice for taking on the go whether you are hiking, camping or traveling. Its walls are made of thinner stainless steel than competitors and it has a perforated handle, which makes it lighter and easier to carry on long treks.

It comes in two different colors and in 21- and 24-ounce sizes. If you are looking for a larger water bottle, the brand offers it in the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Trail bottles, which come in 32- and 40-ounce sizes. Keep in mind that Hydro Flask recommends that you hand wash all of its water bottles.

And if you have a few old Hydro Flask water bottles lying around your house, Hydro Flask just launched a recycling program. Through Hydro Flask Trade-in, you can recycle your old bottles and get credits for new bottles like this 21-ounce Trail Series.

If you're looking for a glass bottle, this W&P Porter bottle stands out. Its wide mouth makes it feel comparable to drinking out of a cup, but it has a lid so you can take it on the go. It holds 16 ounces of liquid, small enough to fit into most bags. We've even tested this out with transporting cold brew coffee: There were no spills, and we appreciated that the flavor of coffee didn't linger after washing, which can happen with other water bottle materials.

While we haven't tested this water bottle from Brita, Brita water bottles have performed well in the past. This 26-ounce bottle filters out chlorine, which can affect the odor and taste of your water. Brita says that its water bottle filter (located in the straw) should be replaced after 40 gallons or approximately every two months for best-tasting water. The slim plastic bottle fits into most bicycle cup holders which makes it a perfect pick for those who like to ride; plus, the cap flips open with the touch of a button.

The water bottle is made out of lightweight BPA-free plastic and is dishwasher safe. If you don't want plastic, Brita makes a stainless-steel version. Take note that this water bottle is not suitable for filtering water from outdoor bodies of water like rivers or streams.

This water bottle is one of our favorites, particularly for its covered rubber spout that won't hurt teeth when sipping on the go. Its lid also screws off relatively easily if you prefer to drink out of a wide mouth. At 32 ounces, this KleanKanteen water bottle is large but holdable with a sturdy carrying handle that's durable enough to clip to a backpack.

Stanley claims that it will keep water cold for 11 hours, iced for two days and hot for seven hours, and we certainly noticed how cold it kept our water in testing. Note that if you are looking for a leak-proof water bottle, this wouldn't be your best pic, as it will leak if turned upside.

FreeSip Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle comes in a variety of different colorways, whether you prefer this brightly colored water bottle or a neutral version. It also comes in 24-, 32- and 40-ounce capacities. There's even a 14-ounce kids' line. Owala claims that the double-wall insulated water bottle keeps water cold for up to 24 hours.

What makes this bottle especially versatile is how there are two ways to drink from it: Use the "Freesip" spout that is designed for sipping upright through the built-in straw, or tilt the water bottle back to drink from the spout opening. We like that the locking push-button lid ensures that the water bottle doesn't leak. Even better, you can remove the mouthpiece for easy cleaning and filling. The plastic mouthpiece is dishwasher safe, but the rest of the bottle needs to be hand washed. The strap that keeps the mouthpiece closed also doubles as a handle for carrying.

Eva (she/her) is a reviews analyst in the Kitchen Appliances and Innovation Lab, where she tests kitchen gear, home appliances and culinary innovations. She graduated from NYU with a bachelor of science in food studies, nutrition and public health and is a trained chef through the Natural Gourmet Institute. Eva has more than 10 years of experience in the food industry, working as a food stylist, personal chef and marketing manager.

CamelBak Backpacks, Bottles, and Reservoirs were founded in 1989 by Michael Eidson after a 100-mile road race across the Texas Desert. Michael knew that hydration was the key to success; and survival. With very few places to re-fill water bottles along the race, Eidson used his knowledge of medical equipment to fill an IV fluid bag with water, slips it into a sock, and attaches a thin hose allowing him to rehydrate without losing time. Fast forward and we stand here today as a socially conscious supplier of innovative and BPA-free hydration solutions. Suitable for performance sports and everyday activities. From cycling on roads, to hiking on nature trails and mountain paths, biking on dirt tracks and trails, running on trails, and everything else related to outdoor activities in between, there are so many ways to explore and enjoy the outdoors with CamelBak Water Bottles and Backpacks. 041b061a72


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