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Zte Mf91 Unlock Code 16 Digit

ZTE MF91 Unlock Code 16 Digit: How to Unlock Your ZTE MF91 for Any SIM Card

The ZTE MF91 is a 4G mobile hotspot device that allows you to connect up to 10 devices to the internet. It supports LTE, HSPA+, and GSM networks, and has a battery life of up to 8 hours. However, if you bought your ZTE MF91 from a network service provider, it may be locked to that network. This means that you can only use the SIM card from that provider, and you cannot switch to another carrier even if you travel abroad or find a better deal. In this article, we will show you how to unlock your ZTE MF91 for any SIM card using a 16 digit code.

What is a ZTE MF91 unlock code 16 digit?

A ZTE MF91 unlock code 16 digit is a unique code that is generated based on your device's IMEI number. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, and it is a 15-digit number that identifies your device. You can find your IMEI number by dialing *#06# on your device or by checking the label under the battery.


A ZTE MF91 unlock code 16 digit is also known as a network unlock code, SIM unlock code, or NCK code. It is a code that allows you to remove the network lock from your device and use it with any compatible SIM card from any carrier. By unlocking your ZTE MF91, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save money on roaming charges when traveling abroad.

  • Switch to a cheaper or better service provider.

  • Sell your device for a higher price.

  • Use your device with any SIM card you want.

How to get a ZTE MF91 unlock code 16 digit?

There are three main ways to get a ZTE MF91 unlock code 16 digit: contacting your network provider, using an online service, or using a third-party app. Let's look at each method in detail.

Contacting your network provider

The first option is to contact your network provider and request an unlock code. This is the official and legal way to unlock your device, but it may not be the easiest or cheapest one. Depending on your provider, you may have to meet some requirements before they give you the code, such as:

  • Being the original owner of the device.

  • Having paid off your contract or device balance.

  • Having used the device for a certain period of time.

  • Paying an unlocking fee.

If you meet these requirements, you can call or visit your provider's website and provide them with your IMEI number and account information. They will then send you the unlock code via email or SMS. Once you receive the code, you can follow these steps to unlock your device:

  • Insert a different SIM card into your device.

  • Turn on your device and enter the PIN code if prompted.

  • A message will appear asking for the network unlock code.

  • Enter the 16 digit code that you received from your provider and press OK.

  • Your device will be unlocked and ready to use with any SIM card.

Using an online service

The second option is to use an online service that offers unlocking codes for various devices. This is a faster and cheaper way to unlock your device, but it may not be as reliable or secure as contacting your provider. There are many websites that claim to provide unlocking codes for ZTE MF91, but not all of them are trustworthy or legitimate. Some of them may scam you, damage your device, or steal your personal information. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing an online service and do some research before paying for anything.

One of the online services that we recommend is DirectUnlocks. This is a reputable and professional website that has been unlocking devices for over 10 years. They have a team of experts who can generate unlocking codes for any ZTE model, including the MF91. They also have a 100% money-back guarantee, 24/7 customer support, and fast delivery. Here is how you can use DirectUnlocks to unlock your ZTE MF91:

  • Visit the DirectUnlocks website and select your device model and network provider.

  • Enter your IMEI number and email address.

  • Pay for the service using a secure payment method.

  • Wait for the unlock code to be delivered to your email within 15 minutes to 24 hours.

  • Follow the same steps as above to enter the code and unlock your device.

Using a third-party app

The third option is to use a third-party app that can unlock your device without a code. This is a convenient and free way to unlock your device, but it may not work for all devices or networks. It may also require root access, which can void your warranty or cause problems with your device. Therefore, you should use this option at your own risk and backup your data before proceeding.

One of the third-party apps that we recommend is Dr.Fone - SIM Unlock. This is a powerful and easy-to-use app that can unlock any Android device in minutes. It supports over 4000 devices and networks, including ZTE MF91. It also has a user-friendly interface and a high success rate. Here is how you can use Dr.Fone - SIM Unlock to unlock your ZTE MF91:

  • Download and install the Dr.Fone app on your computer.

  • Launch the app and select SIM Unlock from the main menu.

  • Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to enable USB debugging and root access on your device.

  • Click Unlock Now and wait for the app to unlock your device automatically.

  • Disconnect your device and restart it.

  • Your device will be unlocked and ready to use with any SIM card.


In this article, we have shown you how to unlock your ZTE MF91 for any SIM card using a 16 digit code. We have also explained the benefits and drawbacks of each method, and recommended some reliable services and apps that you can use. We hope that this article has helped you to unlock your device and enjoy more freedom and flexibility with your mobile hotspot. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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