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Mastering Online Football Betting: A Comprehensive A-Z Guide

DiaChiBet shares all the latest experiences in online football betting to help you secure winning opportunities and insider soccer tips 

Here is the table of contents for this article (click on the bold parts to read and learn more):

Online Football Betting Experience - Diachibet

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Winning Strategies for Football Betting (updated 2020) Top 30 reputable football betting sites in Vietnam | BetUyTin [Revealed] 4 ways to get rich through football betting NOT TO BE MISSED! Answering the question "Why do I always lose in football betting?" There is a truth that few players betting on platforms like M88, 188Bet, W88 have realized until now, which is that football betting is a form of entertainment that requires thorough research and preparation.

And there are many different factors to explain the familiar question among bettors: "Why do I always lose in football betting?"

Below, DiaChiBet shares with you 7 reasons why you will NEVER win at football betting if you do not overcome these situations, today, RIGHT NOW!

7 reasons why every football bettor (if not careful) falls into the "minefield" of losing bets

>> Discover the ultimate betting tips best sites and uncover the best sites for maximizing your odds and winning potential in online gambling.

Why football betting always loses

Compilation of 6 football betting experiences with an 80% no-lose rate Learn, analyze information carefully before football betting Regardless of which odds you bet on, researching and analyzing match information thoroughly is an important task you cannot overlook. This is a basic football betting experience that not everyone knows and applies.

To be able to analyze matches, you need to understand the team's situation, team information, form as well as the class of both home and away teams. At the same time, read analyses and comments from reputable experts. Once you have this habit, analyzing matches will no longer be too difficult for you.

Let DiaChiBet give you an example...

For example, Manchester United (the team you choose) has a higher class than Leicester City, and MU is currently in good form (4 wins and 1 draw in the last 5 matches) and has the strongest lineup (no key players injured). These are all factors that demonstrate the high winning ability of this team.

Moreover, if your bet is on two evenly matched teams, study the history of their encounters. For matches where both teams have equal class, pay close attention to the current form of both teams.

In summary, the more information you gather, the higher your chances of winning will be. These will be important grounds for you to make the most accurate decisions.

Do not follow the crowd when football betting Not following the crowd is one of the important online football betting experiences but is misunderstood by many. Usually, people always think that the majority will be correct. (See more about the crowd effect here).

However, in analyzing bets or betting, this is quite dangerous, especially for matches that receive public and media attention.

Following the crowd can expose you to certain risks. Especially the possibility that bookmakers can flip or change odds.

Therefore, you should avoid following the crowd, even going against the crowd (making decisions based on your research and logical calculations!)

So you might be wondering, "So how should I bet on football to identify crowd trends?"

There are 3 basic and simple ways that will help you achieve this:

Read news in the newspaper. The team praised is usually a strong team and has a higher chance of winning (based on the psychology of the crowd). Go to cafes where football enthusiasts gather to predict Offline trends. Follow betting forums and social networks to predict Online trends. After identifying the trend of the crowd, you can easily choose the most suitable betting method.

Do not bet with your heart Lack of detailed football betting guidance with a solid foundation, football betting is a game with high risk.

The success of this game is based on calculation and judgment based on numbers. Therefore, you need to analyze, research thoroughly and make the most appropriate judgment.

Of course, when watching football, everyone has a favorite team and wants their team to win.

However, betting on your favorite team is a mistake. Therefore, listen to reason and bet based on facts and numbers.

Goalkeeper blocking in football When betting on football online, you need to analyze the details rather than follow your heart!

Consult football betting odds online from many reputable bookmakers When betting on football, you need to consult the odds of different bookmakers, some reputable bookmakers for you to refer to such as W88, 188Bet instead of trusting a few bookmakers.

Before placing a bet, check the odds of the parties, draw conclusions about the difference in odds between the parties. From there, you will make the most reasonable judgment for yourself.

Create multiple accounts at different bookmakers so you can refer quickly, comprehensively, accurately, and most accurately.

Bet on football in cycles Based on the experience of betting experts, DiaChiBet encourages you to bet in cycles to increase your chances of winning.

Betting on football in cycles is a technique to identify streaks, the form of certain teams at certain reputable bookmakers.

There will be no specific rules to determine a specific cycle: It all depends on observation, judgment, and experience over time.

To start learning how to identify cycles, follow each tournament regularly: In each tournament, bookmakers often have 1-2 core teams. These teams often have wins and losses according to certain ratios, certain cycles.

You can research result statistics to find out the team. Once you have identified the cycle, you just need to follow that cycle to have the opportunity to increase your chances of winning!

Football betting on computers Consult football betting odds from many bookmakers before making a decision...

Selective Underdog Betting Technique Our ancestors have a saying: "Know yourself, know your opponent, and win every battle!"

And applying that saying to football betting, if you choose the technique to select the underdog to bet, you have the opportunity to increase your chances of winning.

Here are 3 techniques for selecting Underdog bets shared by many football betting enthusiasts:

Choose underdog bets with large teams but in a declining form, declining over a long period. Choose underdog bets with teams that have just won important matches. Only apply the technique of choosing underdog bets with important matches and many people interested in.

The above 3 experiences will help you make the most reasonable judgment because usually even strong teams will have times of declining form.

Top 8 football betting experience "century hit century win" Choosing football betting is an important factor that any football bettor cannot ignore. Therefore, 8 betting experiences analyzing football betting is extremely necessary for any football bettor!

Experience betting on Over/Under bets in betting Over/Under bets are a type of football betting that is loved by many because of its low risk and very easy to play. However, not everyone has experience in Over/Under bets.

Here are 4 experiences in betting Over/Under that you need to know, including:

Experience in playing Over Online #1 - How to play Tài (Over) So what is playing Tài (Over)? By this method, you should bet on the period from minute 15 - 25 of the first half or minute 50 of the second half.

Usually, experienced players will bet on Tài in the first half. This betting method helps you win more easily and can preserve your capital.

So how to determine the match and choose Tài? The Tai side will be chosen when the match has many goals. The number of goals of both teams, the more goals you have, the more likely you are to win.

Therefore, bet on Tài when:

Both home and away teams have weak defense or are in bad form. The difference in class between the two teams is too large. One of the teams needs 3 points and has a strong attack. Large teams have a good chance of attacking like Man City, Juventus, Barcelona, PSG...

Experience betting on Tài Xỉu #2 - How to bet on Xỉu (Under) For the technique of playing under, the fewer goals scored by both sides, the greater your chances of winning. Some characteristics of the match for you to choose under such as:

Both teams have a solid defense, discipline with many stars in good form in the lineup, such as: Atletico Madrid, Liverpool.... Both teams do not crave points or no longer have much motivation to play In friendly matches, there are not too many purposes Two teams are evenly matched, are "mutual enemies" of each other. Or when the first half has been scored.

Experience in betting Over/Under #3 - Do not bet too much money Over/Under bets are considered to have a lower risk ratio than other odds. At the same time, this ratio has eliminated the draw ratio of two teams. However, you should not trust too much, greedy and betting tips app  . Because in the king sport, nothing can be said in advance. Everything can happen.

Bet on a football field and bet on a football field For you to experience a bet on the football field in a useful way, it is easy to make money in the football betting area, betting on football, and being lucky for the football field. It is a good idea for you to experience football betting and betting football experience.


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