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Olympus Dss Player Version 7 [full ((INSTALL)) Version] !!TOP!!

Olympus AS-9003M is a Multiple user upgrade license to convert your existing DSS Player Pro Dictation R5 Software to the latest ODMS Olympus Dictation Management Software Player R7 Dictation Module Software. The Olympus AS-9003M ODMS R7 upgrade will not work with DSS Player Pro R4 or previous versions. (You must have DSS Pro version R5 Module currently installed on your PC). Once upgraded you will have the full version of ODMS R7 Dictation Module installed compatible with the latest Professional digital dictation recorders from Olympus. The Olympus AS-9003M ODMS Dictation Version R7 is a fully featured software tool that provides a simple to use but sophisticated method of managing your recordings. ODMS R7 Dictation Module is provided as standard with the New Olympus DS-9500 Professional Dictation Wi-Fi Recorder.

Olympus Dss Player Version 7 [full ((INSTALL)) Version]

No, the Olympus DSS Player v6.x.x will not function properly on a PC with Windows 7 installed. In order to use the Olympus DSS Player software on a PC running Windows 7, you will need to upgrade your software to version 7.4.1 and higher. The link below will redirect you to download version 7.4.1 _cckb/

Functions include USB file download, file playback, editing files, conversion of DSS files to WAVE format, and archiving files. The installed application provides for the purchase of an optional Plus upgrade that enables splitting and joining files, and compatibility with voice-to-text transcription software.

The CD also contains DSS Player Plus for Mac that provides computer support on Macintosh platforms using Mac OS 10.3 and later, This MAC software version is not compatible with older foot switch RS-25, only the RS-27. Item #V4661710U000 (was 147486) Opened software cannot be returned.

Before you begin, ensure you have your licence key and software version. This can be found on the license certificate, from within the ODMS Software on your PC (to access this, go to Help > About Transcription Module), or from within the DSS Player PRO on your Mac (to access this, go to DSS Player > About DSS Player)

On your desired computer, download the latest version of ODMS / DSS Player from the Olympus Website. Run the installer and enter the License Key when prompted. The licence key will determine if the Transcription Module or Dictation module is installed (Licence key starting with RT will install Transcription Module, RD will install Dictation Module). Once complete, you will have ODMS installed on the new computer.

The problem is that none of the players released are not compatible with Windows 7. According to the information found on one of the Olympus websites, the application is compatible with the following Windows versions: Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.

The software CD for the transcription module and the dictation module, both DSS Player Pro and ODMS, look exactly the same. You licence key itself defines which module you install so by looking at the CD you can not tell, in fact the CD can install either the dictation module or the transcription module depending on what licence key you enter. From your licence key you can tell which software you have, the second letter is D for dictation module and T for transcription module. The third character which is a number defines your version so 5 is DSS Player Pro R5 and 6 is ODMS R6.

On a Mac, the Olympus software is called DSS Player Plus and is the same software regardless of whether it came with a digital voice recorder or transcription kit. There is no concept of a separate transcription or dictation module (yet). Similar to Windows, by selecting DSS Player then About DSS Player will show your licence key number along with your current version of the software.

With ODMS Olympus have integrated features to link in with Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Professional version) from Nuance to further increase transcription productivity. For single speaker audio (only one person dictating in an audio file) let Dragon do all the hard work and transcribe the audio for you. All you will need to do is proof the transcript saving you hours of typing time. Click here for more information on using Dragon with Transcription from our blog. Note: Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional is sold separately.

The AS-7000 Transcription Kit features support for Citrix and Terminal Service, improved compatibility with Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software (Premium/Professional & Legal versions) and file sharing via ODMS and Olympus DSS Player Pro R5.

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