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Richard Herrington
Richard Herrington

Sexy Girl (2862) Mp4

Élodie Bouchez and Marina Foïs walking naked across some grass, their naked bodies sprinkled with flour as we see their bare butts from behind. The girls then approach a lake, where Marina steps into the water and Élodie sits on the sandy shore. Hi-res DVD capture from Four Lovers.

Sexy Girl (2862) mp4

Élodie Bouchez lying in bed in a pair of panties and a loose tank top as Marina Foïs enters the room and straddles Élodie on the bed. Marina leans over to kiss Élodie on the stomach and then on the lips, Élodie's shirt revealing her right nipple. Her shirt then comes off entirely and the girls lesbian kiss more passionately. Lastly we see both girls naked in each other's arms in bed, Élodie's bare butt in view while on her side with Marina's leg over hers. Hi-res DVD capture from Four Lovers. 041b061a72


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