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Sri Krishna Rayabaram Padyalu Pdf Download

Sri Krishna Rayabaram Padyalu PDF Download

Sri Krishna Rayabaram is a popular Telugu drama written by Tirupati Venkata Kavulu in the early 20th century. It depicts the events that took place in the Kurukshetra war, when Krishna tried to persuade Duryodhana to avoid the war and give back the kingdom to the Pandavas. The drama is famous for its poetic dialogues and witty exchanges between Krishna and Duryodhana, as well as the emotional scenes of Karna, Bheeshma, and Draupadi. Sri Krishna Rayabaram is considered one of the masterpieces of Telugu literature and has been adapted into various forms of art, such as films, plays, dance dramas, and paintings.

If you are interested in reading this classic drama in Telugu, you can download the PDF version of Sri Krishna Rayabaram padyalu (verses) from the following sources:

Download Zip:

  • : This is a scanned copy of the original book published by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) in 2018. It contains the complete text of the drama along with an introduction and notes by Vidwan Mudivarti Kondamacharyulu, a renowned scholar and poet who also played the role of Krishna in many stage performances of Sri Krishna Rayabaram. You can read it online or download it for free from

  • : This is a website dedicated to the legendary singer and composer Ghantasala, who brought Sri Krishna Rayabaram to life with his melodious voice and expressive rendition. You can listen to or download the audio files of Ghantasala singing the padyalu of Sri Krishna Rayabaram from various movies, such as Gurram (1949), Chintamani (1956), Tenali Ramakrishna (1956), and Sri Krishna Rayabaram (1960). You can also find the lyrics and meanings of the padyalu on this website.

  • : This is a Wikipedia article that gives an overview of the plot, characters, themes, and adaptations of Sri Krishna Rayabaram. It also provides some links to other sources of information and media related to the drama.

We hope you enjoy reading and listening to Sri Krishna Rayabaram padyalu and appreciate the beauty and wisdom of this timeless Telugu drama.


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