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Promise Rings For Couples - the environmentally sustainable option

The planning of your wedding is characterized by emotions, organization skills and sometimes a little stress. The anticipation is growing and you are looking forward to the wedding day with anticipation. There is a lot to think about and plan your wedding dress and decorations, as well as the food and drink - you take care of each detail.

Have you ever thought about what remains after the wedding? The food, the decor or the music are not the things that will last. The only thing that will stand the test of time are your memories your photos and, perhaps more importantly the wedding rings. They will be with you for a time after your wedding day. They're not only the most prominent symbol of your love - they're also the most long-lasting part of your wedding.

This is due to the fact that they do not just stay with you throughout your marriage, but are also worn every day on your finger. After the wedding ceremony, the wedding rings are not simply thrown away or left to sit in the corner of your house.

Recycled gold wedding rings

Wedding rings from Fischer are impressive due to another aspect of sustainability: If you opt for gold for your rings, for example you can rest assured that Fischer produces them using recycled gold. Always. That means only gold that is in circulation is used. There is no need for new raw materials to be mined in order to produce using recycled gold. Gold mining is a subject of many negative and non-sustainable aspects. Children are frequently used as workers, they are subjected to working conditions that harm health. In addition, there is a very high energy and water requirement, long transportation routes are commonplace and nature is destroyed to an enormous extent through land use.

By your side for life

Sustainability is an enthralling topic within the wedding industry. There's even a term for weddings that are sustainable, Green Wedding. Ask yourself these questions prior to beginning your planning process to ensure your sustainable wedding desires into a reality. How do we distribute our priorities? What should be our priorities should we be spending money on fireworks to be lit in front of guests or purchase higher quality wedding rings. Because there is one thing that is certain that the wedding bands will be with you throughout your life. They also age less quickly than that of other investments.

Don't miss it: the MEISTER wedding ring week beginning in March 2024!

Are you still searching for the perfect wedding rings? Purchase your dream ring from MEISTER and save money during the March big voucher sale!

Every day during MEISTER Wedding Ring Weeks in March 2024, there will be attractive prizes worth 250 euros that you can win! It's worth taking part: Every participant will receive a voucher for engravings for the ring.

Join the campaign now!

Between March 1 and 31, 2024, you are able to take part in the MEISTER's raffle on the website each day. Five vouchers will be raffled every day. These vouchers can be used for wedding bands purchased from MEISTER from participating jewelers.

Explore the rings of your Dreams!

You can find a large variety of top-quality wedding rings at MEISTER, whether you seek something timeless and traditional or something that is unique and original. Each MEISTER ring is made of the highest quality platinum or gold alloys. It is made to order for each wedding couple. At MEISTER jeweler partners, you can experience the special features of MEISTER wedding rings in person and with your own hand.


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