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Richard Herrington
Richard Herrington

Google's Wizard of Oz Surprise: How to Find and Play with the Easter Egg

Although influenced by Carroll's distinctly English work, Baum nonetheless sought to create a story that had recognizable American elements, such as farming and industrialization.[41] Consequently, Baum combined the conventional features of a fairy tale such as witches and wizards with well-known fixtures in his young readers' Midwestern lives such as scarecrows and cornfields.[43]

wizard of oz 👠🌪 google

The Wizard of Oz is actually not just a game but also a real movie. In the movie, a magician magically discovers a land threatened by a powerful witch but with his magic tricks was able to liberate the town from the wicked witch. Google has included the wizard of oz into its engine and is like a game meant to entertain users. If you are searching on how to play the wizard of oz google trick, then you are welcome on board. Keep reading on how to do it.


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