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Taluva Board Game Buy

The game ends when all tiles have been placed. At that point, the player who's placed most temples wins. Ties are broken by towers, then huts. Ultimate victory - and an immediate end to the game - waits for the player who manages to place all their buildings of two types. Immediate defeat is also possible, when no buildings can legally be played during a player's turn.

taluva board game buy

The player, who has built the most Temples at the end of the game, wins. In case of a tie, the number of Towers built counts. If this does not resolve the tie, then the player who is ahead in the building of Huts wins.

If a player cannot build: A player must place at least one building piece per turn. If he cannot do this, he is eliminated from the game and has lost. During the remainder of the game, his turn is skipped. The building pieces he has already placed remain on the landscape.

If a player manages to completely build two building types, the game does not end. The player gets the first place, and the others continue play without him. If another player manages to finish before game end, he gets second place, etc.

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Thanks for this. It puts the rules into a very short, concise synopsis. I played my first few games of this last night with two other newbie Players (won one out of three). I play Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, and Cities and Knights of Catan, also; and will probably soon be adding Power Grid to that collection. 041b061a72


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