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What Is It? How to Play Doubling Bet Correctly 

When participating in betting activities, besides luck, players also need to apply appropriate strategies and methods to optimize their chances of winning. One of the popular forms of betting nowadays is the doubling bet. So, what exactly is a doubling bet? Let's explore it in this article on 79King.

Doubling bet, also known as the Martingale System in English, is a betting strategy with origins from France, believed to have appeared around the 18th century and has been prevalent in the history of gambling for a long time.

Origin of Doubling Bet

Although originating from France, the doubling bet system was actually developed by a British casino owner named Henry. He was the first to devise this method and later promoted it in casinos in France.

Due to the advantages that the doubling bet system brings to the majority of players, this method is becoming increasingly popular and trusted as a means to profit from casino activities.

Not limited to traditional casinos, this betting strategy is also widely applied in most todays football tips games, including roulette, football, and crab gourd.

According to the principle, doubling bet is to place an amount double the previous bet if you lose the previous round of betting. Therefore, many people also call this strategy the exponential bet. In the event of the betting round ending in a win, you can choose to stop betting or return to the initial bet amount.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Doubling Bet

Every strategy has two aspects, positive and negative, and the doubling bet method is no exception. Let's consider how this strategy brings benefits and drawbacks.


Helps minimize the risk of losing the entire initial capital.

Capital management becomes simple and straightforward.

No need to think or predict which side to bet on, as you have decided from the start and continue with it until the end of the match.

The winning rate according to the doubling bet strategy is almost very high, usually only causing you to lose when all the capital has been used up.


To apply the doubling bet strategy until achieving a win, you need a fairly large initial capital.

The winnings obtained from prolonged betting sessions using this strategy are not significant.

Requires patience from the player, not rushing and changing course midway.

Doubling Bet Gameplay

Applying the doubling europa league predictions method is not overly complicated, following the rule of doubling the bet amount compared to the previous round (when losing the previous round) and betting with the initial amount (when winning the previous round). To illustrate more clearly, you can refer to the specific example below:

In the first betting round, you choose a betting option (note that this option will continue to be bet on until you win) with a bet amount of $1.

In the second betting round: If you win in round 1, you will return to the bet amount of $1. Conversely, if you lose in round 1, you will continue to bet on the initial option in round 2 with this time's bet amount of $2 (double the amount from round 1).

In the third betting round: If you win in round 2, you will bet again with $1. Conversely, if you suffer a loss in round 2, this time the bet amount will be increased to $4 for the initial bet option.

In the fourth round of play: If you win in round 3, you will bet again with an amount of $1. Conversely, if you face defeat in round 3, the betting amount this time will be increased to $8 for the initial betting option.

Continue this process similarly until the game round is completed. Therefore, you continue to bet with an amount double your capital for unsuccessful betting rounds. Ensure that when you win with a large capital amount, you will achieve attractive profit levels.

Doubling Bet Methods

Daily Betting

This method involves the player selecting four betting rounds in one day. During this process:

In the event that the third match continues to be a failure, the strategy will continue with doubling the bet in the fourth match.

However, if the player achieves victory in the third match, they will return to the initial bet amount from the first match when participating in the fourth betting round.

Remember that this method is often suitable for players with large and daring capital along with patience.

Weekly doubling bet method also performs similarly to daily betting. The key difference is that each day the player only chooses one match to bet on. In the event of failure, they will double the bet amount the next day, while winning will return them to the initial betting amount.

Note after each victory, players should Series Soccer Tips consider whether to stop or continue playing until the end of the week, then decide to stop or start again from the beginning.

In applying the doubling bet strategy in football betting, players should pay attention to the following tips:

Choose matches that you can easily monitor and have clear win-loss results, especially the handicap bet at a reasonable level. Avoid choosing seemingly attractive odds that could realistically be a bookmaker’s lure, depending on the type of bet not to bet. In addition, limit choosing bets too low, because if lost, you will be difficult to recover the lost money from the previous round.


Above is all the important information about the doubling bet strategy that we want to share with you. Hopefully, through this article, you have learned what doubling bet is and how to apply the strategy when participating in sports betting in reality. And remember that in every betting game, self-control and avoidance of drifts to avoid unexpected consequences.


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