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Plato Rozhkov

Lady Chatterley's LoverHD !EXCLUSIVE!

Lady Constance Chatterley (Holliday Grainger) enjoys a happy marriage to the dashing aristocrat Sir Clifford Chatterley (James Norton), until he is severely wounded serving in the First World War. Confined to a wheelchair and impotent, Clifford becomes more distant, and Constance finds comfort in the company of the estate's brooding, lonely gamekeeper, Oliver Mellors (Richard Madden). In the Britain of the 1920s, the social divide between the upper class and their servants was unbreakable: an affair between a lady and a working man would scandalise society and ostracise them both. Lady Chatterley must choose between propriety and love, while Mellors risks his safety, as they both strive to evade the growing suspicions of her jealous and vengeful husband.[3]

Lady Chatterley's LoverHD

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