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In addition, equipment is able to be ranked higher, and its rank then transferred to another item that is in the same slot. This means that a significant portion of progressing your character is no longer collecting exciting drops from monsters Diablo 4 Gold, and instead into an incremental dull grind that lets you can salvage huge amounts of loot that you don't want to be used in upgrades in the machine.

Also, your goods have been greatly improved by slotting them with legendary gems of immense power, and this is where the majority of complaints about Diablo Immortal's monetization have been focused.

Diablo Immortal character has six legendary gem slots. Each gem comes with an arbitrary rating, ranging from one to five stars. These ratings can't be altered, and has a huge impact on the power of the gem. Gems with five stars are more rare than one-star. Legendary gems are upgradeable and the most efficient way to do this is eating other gems that are legendary. A gem that is upgraded can then be further enhanced through a "gem resonance" method that requires -- you guessed it -the addition of more legendary gems that is, up to five extra gems per gem slot.

If you're trying to enhance your character -- and increasing your character is exactly what Diablo is all about -- you need many legendary gems. Find the right ones to fit your style, to get excellent star ratings, to upgrade the gems you have and, eventually, to slot into the gem's resonance slots. It's endless.

The Diablo Immortal game has a myriad of currency, upgrade paths, and reward methods, legendary gems stand out as the ones where the business model is at its hardest. Blizzard and NetEase haven't been so stupid as to sell them directly via a loot bag or gacha feature but what they've created is, perhaps, even more alarming. Legendary gems can only be found in the bosses of the randomly generated Elder Rift dungeons, and you can only ensure an infamous gem drop by applying an iconic crest modifier to the dungeon before you start the dungeon buy Diablo IV Gold. Otherwise, the drop rates of legendary gems are incredibly low.


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