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Where Can I Buy Guanabana Fruit In Los Angeles

Want to grow a guanabana tree / soursop tree/ graviola tree that bears a prickly fruit of the same name at home? It is not that hard. However, there are some unique issues that need to be overcome before you can successfully harvest fresh soursop for your DIY growing efforts.

where can i buy guanabana fruit in los angeles


It depends on where you live! For us, living in South Florida, exotic fruits are just lesser-known tropical fruits. Think about it, fruits such as bananas pineapples, limes, papayas, mangoes and oranges to name a few, are fruits that grow in tropical climates but are pretty common and we are very familiar with them. When it comes to exotics, they grow in the same areas in general but are not as well-known such as Sourspo, Lychees, Mangosteens, Mameys, Dragon Fruits, Bread Fruit, Guavas, Passion Fruit just to name a few are really tropical fruits that are made "exotic" just because their limited availability and limited demand in the United States since many people are just not familiar with them. So? What's an exotic fruit? It's just a tropical fruit that's not as common.

Where Oaxacan taste fuses with California style. Oaxacalifornia serves colorful homemade agua frescas, fresh squeezed juices and smoothies, Oaxacan tortas (pressed sandwiches), and clayudas (Oaxacan pizzas). They also specialize in exotic fruit sorbets including flavors such as guanabana and mamey as well as standard favorites such as lemon and watermelon.

Bolivia due to its large extension of territory has a great diversity of tropical fruits unknown outside the continent, many of them are shared with Peru, where the nationality of some of them is debated.

Soursop flesh is like a blended fruit smoothie with sweet and sour juices. You can't find this tropical blend of flavors anywhere else. Soursops are great for snacking as well as pairing with desserts like ice cream or pies. 041b061a72


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