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HD Online Player (Veerey Ki Wedding Full Movie Free Do)

HD Online Player (Veerey Ki Wedding full movie free do)

If you are looking for a way to watch the 2018 Bollywood comedy film Veerey Ki Wedding in high definition online for free, you might be disappointed. The film, starring Pulkit Samrat, Kriti Kharbanda and Jimmy Sheirgill, is not available on any legal streaming platform as of now. The film received mostly negative reviews from critics and audiences alike, and was a box office flop. However, if you are still curious about the film, here is a brief summary and review of Veerey Ki Wedding.


Veerey Ki Wedding is a story of two lovers, Veer (Pulkit Samrat) and Geet (Kriti Kharbanda), who want to get married with the blessings of their parents. However, Veer's cousin Balli (Jimmy Sheirgill), who is also his best friend, creates trouble for them by threatening Geet's father (Satish Kaushik), who is a peace-loving man and does not approve of Veer's violent tendencies. Veer also has to deal with a rival suitor for Geet, who tries to sabotage their relationship. Will Veer and Geet overcome all the obstacles and tie the knot?

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Veerey Ki Wedding is a loud and hackneyed film that fails to deliver any laughs or romance. The film relies on outdated clichés, stereotypes and slapstick humor that are neither funny nor original. The plot is thin and predictable, the dialogues are cringe-worthy and the songs are forgettable. The film wastes the talents of its actors, especially Jimmy Sheirgill, who is the only saving grace in this mess. Kriti Kharbanda is pleasant on the eyes but has little to do, while Pulkit Samrat hits the lowest point of his career with this film. The film also suffers from poor cinematography, editing and music. The film has nothing new or interesting to offer and is best avoided.


HD Online Player (Veerey Ki Wedding full movie free do) is a misleading keyword that might lure some unsuspecting viewers into watching this film. However, they would be better off skipping this comedy of errors as the makers have erred every step of the way in this film. There are many other better options to watch online for free than this film.

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